Success Stories

Software Development

Coping with high Demands of Peak Sales

We currently develop and support core applications for one of the biggest fashion apparel retailers in the world. The ever-growing nature of online sales, combined with peak sales like end season sales, black friday, etc. led the company to change its actual constraining IT architecture that allows coping with the demand. Using hexagonal architecture software design patterns, we deployed a highly fault tolerant and scalable microservices solution that is able to handle and scale these loads, with room to grow. Most of the software delivered performs mission critical functions for the online boutique like the checkout process or shopping basket.

Faster services deployment with automated CI/CD

We helped one of the biggest bed banks in the world automate its IT Architecture deployment, using a combination of Ansible, Consul and several APIs for hybrid on-premise/cloud deployments. This architecture and tooling enabled the company to deploy new services faster. Moreover, it allowed them to prepare for high-season by leveraging a cloud instead of long and time consuming capacity planning and manual deployment. We’ve also built and deployed its core CI/CD system leveraging tools like Jenkins, Sonarqube and Nexus, enabling deployment pipelines to multiple environments and on-premises or cloud targeting.



Smooth Migration to AWS for higher Capacities

Our customer with a full on-premises IT infrastructure had problems coping with peak loads on his B2B application. The client had to manually deploy all his software stack, anytime more capacity was needed. We were tasked with the analysis, planning and full migration of all the on-premises services to AWS within a 3 month deadline. We presented a plan to lift & shift the actual application servers and change the database to a fault tolerant SaaS solution. Furthermore, we defined all the new infrastructure as code by leveraging packer, terraform and git as the new paradigm to execute and deploy infrastructure changes. We implemented autoscaling for the B2B application in order to better leverage the cloud. The migration was performed within the scheduled time, including customer testing & validation before the switch, which was done with minimal interruption for the service. After a few hours window (mainly database synchronization), all services and workload were switched to AWS successfully.

New Team Structure for stronger Unity

Our Client asked us to help his company with several changes in the way its traditional IT Infrastructure department was organized (on the order of a hundred people) and the way they were working with software development teams. The aim was to better align themselves with the needs of their product teams, that somehow also are their customers), and help on defining a strategy for their IT Infrastructure department. We agreed to do a full discovery process, talking with each IT infrastructure team and several key people, reviewing the actual organization and pain points. In cooperation with our client , we implemented an organizational change. For this, we created new teams, that were supposed to provide tools and services for other product teams, and to develop their own product backlog. In order to have a cohesive and global strategy for the department, a series of team building and brainstorming sessions were facilitated. We successfully enabled the managing team to come up with a unified mission, vision and values statement to drive long-term thinking and strategy.

IT Transformation